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Our Team

At Estrella, our team is our greatest asset. Comprised of highly skilled professionals with extensive industry knowledge, we pride ourselves on our collective expertise. From engineers to project managers, our diverse team collaborates to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional outcomes.

Rajath Pillai

Director & CEO
Rajath Pillai is a seasoned engineering professional and visionary leader, currently serving as the Director & CEO at Estrella. With a solid background in engineering management and a wealth of industry experience, Rajath has successfully managed projects for renowned companies like Jacobs and Worley.
As a Chartered Engineer with a Master’s degree in Engineering, Rajath brings a strong technical acumen and expertise in project management to the table. He has a proven track record in leading and delivering complex engineering projects, including serving as a PMC (Project Management Consultant) for ADNOC (Abudhabi National Oil Company).
Rajath’s specialization lies in static equipment, where he has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and knowledge. His contributions have spanned across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, energy infrastructure, and green hydrogen/ammonia. Rajath’s passion for sustainability and innovation has led him to venture into the edtech space, exploring new opportunities to nurture talent and drive technological advancements.
Rajath is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Bombay, which has further enriched his technical foundation and shaped his strategic mindset. With his leadership and expertise, Rajath is dedicated to guiding Estrella towards excellence, fostering collaborative partnerships, and positioning the company as a leader in engineering services.

Leonardo José Bavaresco Isacura


With over 30 years of expertise in managing, monitoring, and implementing infrastructure projects for the oil & gas industry. Leonardo has played a pivotal role in the design of various large-scale projects, including gas compression plants, LPG extraction plants, crude handling flow stations, gas gathering and distribution manifolds, and more. As a valuable mentor, Leonardo brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Estrella’s engineering endeavours.